Episode 12: The Danny Trejo of Dive Bars ft. Ray (a drummer)

The Danny Trejo of Dive Bars

Woah, we had another Ray. But this one is a guy, and plays drums in Ooni, Lola Tried,
and a few others here in Austin. We shoot the regular breeze, plus talk about how Ray’s
unique musical journey got started.

00:00 START
04m00s Never Even Heard It is Pissed
7m30s Jose Cansenco taught me domestic abuse
15m40s scary doors
18m00s suck it was the dab of 2000
23m20s Jimmy Johns sucks. Zoos suck. Sea World sucks.
26m00s Dolphins and Chaffing
27m50s White Dragon Flying Over The Hills of China
29m00s HyperAdaptive’s an up and coming streamer
32m00s Bullshit Water Trends
35m00s you’re definitely going to die one day
40m06s bring it back
37m34s coalition of caprisun consumers
39m04s Interview with Ray
41m04s terrible decisions as children
47m00s Besides My Grandpa?
57m00s How’d you get into Bruce Springsteen
1h01m00s One on One Conversations about Trumpets and Sandwiches
1h03m00s Captain Nemo and Nietzsche
1h04m00a I Thought This Was The Preamble to an Orgy
1h09m00s Paul McCartney, John Lennon, go FUCK yaself
1h13m00s Ooni, what the hell, phone a friend
1h16m00s WE leave a message and how ray joined
1h19m30s Being a drummer is a fucking GIG
1h25m00s CHECK OUT I AM TX
1h30m00s Don’t forget your friend’s band name
1h32m00s Bands and the terrible names they get
1h38m00s Beautiful stuff about art
1h41m00s Far back stories
1h42m45s Gear nerding
1h47m45s What would you do with all dat moneys
1h49m30s Whats that Elon Musk guy’s name?
1h52m50s quiz time
1h57m10s why no facebook
1h59m10s the jigsaw segment? NO ITS THE FORCED FREESTYLE
2h08m55s they call me grampa but i really miss my dad
2h11m26s fracis mcderrmott: she’s coming…

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